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Our Client Guarantee

If a client is not satisfied with the presentation of one of our programs,  we offer a 100%, no questions asked, money-back guarantee. Of the many thousands of participants who have attended our programs, no one has ever asked for a refund!  

Making the Transition from Staff to Supervisor

This workshop will enhance your ability to successfully manage the changing expectations from your boss, peers and team members in your new role and responsibilities.

This workshop will prepare you for a complete change of responsibilities and help you plan for the challenges that lay ahead of you with improved confidence and success.


Who should attend

  • Newly promoted supervisors and those that are about to be promoted


  • Master  critical steps that will help you shift your mental focus from staff member to supervisor
  • Identify your personal roadblocks to leadership success and overcome the obstacles
  • Take on a new position of authority without coming across as bossy, smug, or domineering
  • Establish a presence and build credibility
  • Adapt your behavioral style with ease to build better working relationships
  • Delegate tasks to others, focusing on clear results
  • Understand what motivates
  • Gain awareness of basic laws and regulations as they apply to performance reviews, including EOE and ADA
  • Learn techniques and strategies to manage your time and schedule your workload
  • Learn how to manage the change process
  • Challenges and pitfalls to avoid
  • How to best communicate with managers, peers and employees
  • How to set goals that allow you to measure progress accurately
  • Delegation and barriers
  • What are the best ways to overcome fear of delegation so you can learn to assign tasks firmly and fairly?
  • How do you avoid stepping on toes while encouraging others, including your peers, to continue to perform at their peak?
  • How do you handle employees who constantly bicker, drag down morale, and try to undermine each other in order to create a more peaceful, productive work environment?
  • How can you continue to be a supportive, strong shoulder for others on your team, yet present the authoritative demeanor that is now expected of you?
  • Learn basic laws governing performance reviews
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback constructively
  • Guidelines to improve coaching relationships
  • Learn how to use time management tools
  • How to manage and protect your time
  • Avoid the most common pitfalls involved in this type of transition
  • Recognize and manage the different work/personality styles of your employees
  • Build trust and gain respect through your new relationships
  • Improve your communication skills
  • And much more!


As always, your satisfaction is our #1 priority. If for any reason you're dissatisfied, we'll arrange for you to attend another workshop or receive a full refund — hassle-free!

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Working Smarter

New Year's Resolution: Get Control on Management of Self


As we usher in a new year, many set goals to become more effective, more productive, and reduce stress, by learning to manage their time more efficiently. Sadly, most New Year's resolutions fail due to lack of measureable objectives and commitment.


10 tips that will help you succeed in 2011.

  1. Perfection is not always necessary

  2. Set Priorities and only work on those at the top.

  3. Simplicity

  4. Delegate it.

  5. Consider performing distasteful tasks first.

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